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Today too many children are born into communities that don't grant them access to music education. This not only affects how they learn but who they will become later in life. The arts, and more specifically music, are a fundamental backbone of a child's ability and desire to learn as well as an indispensable force for change in the world.

Studies have shown that students who are involved in the arts are:

  • 2X as likely to graduate school than those who aren't
  • 5X less likely to drop out of school

Children who are taught music as part of their curriculum are:

  • More engaged in the classroom
  • Have higher graduation rates
  • Have improved early cognitive development, math and reading skills
  • Develop critical thinking and leadership skills at a higher rate
  • Foster self-esteem and the ability to work cooperatively in teams
  • Have an enhanced level of learning in other core subjects.

A child’s access to music education inspires them to become leaders, makes them better communicators and creates stronger more productive members of society.

So why wouldn't we want them to learn music?

(source: Americans for the Arts, Save the Music Foundation)