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The Power of Music

Learning music improves a young person’s thinking process, boosts their confidence, and builds their leadership skills. Find out more about all the advantages of having music as part of a school curriculum by checking out our infograph

We are very proud to have as our first giving partner, Education Through Music. Ten dollars from each sale of the Pick Cord will go to their mission of sustainable music programs in public schools.


Education Through Music

Education Through Music partners with inner-city schools to provide all students with music as a core subject, and to create school communities that value the arts. ETM’s mission is to promote the use of music in schools as a means of enhancing students’ academic performance and general development. The ETM model currently serves 15,000 students in 28 inner-city schools in New York City, and our model reaches another 5,000 children through the work of our licensed affiliate organization in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit