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Each Pick Cord is made with high quality materials which of course need to be cared for. For our sterling silver pieces we recommend getting a silver polish cloth and cleaning it every once in awhile. For our brass and gold plated pieces, a gold polish cloth can be used to keep them shiny. This will however not take out scratches which appear due to normal wear and tear. 

Each piece is also made with genuine leather or cotton. The cotton bracelets are safe to wear in the shower or while swimming although you should expect the color to fade after a while. If you own a leather bracelet we would recommend keeping them away from moisture. 

If you would like to replace your strap you can purchase one from us here or visit your local trim shop and purchase a 2mm cord of your choice. 

To learn how to tie the knot we use please check out this instructional video we prepared below.


(Please note: when using cotton cord it sometimes helps to cover each tip with scotch tape so its easier to pull through the holes of the pick and through the loops. Once you are done just cut off those tips. After you’ve completed the tying process it is useful to apply a bit of glue on the knot and the tips of the cord or burn them with a lighter so that they don’t fray. (If using glue we recommend Aron Alpha Type 201, its just a different kind of Krazy Glue.)

If you have any questions at please email us at