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Our Mission

Virtually every known human culture has lived with music and felt its influence to evoke emotions, memory and imagination.

That’s why we believe in music;
in its power to unite and ability to inspire.

Music has the emotional and cognitive ability to transport, transform and bend the mind around the corners of perception and experience. We know that music is one of the only real universal languages. Transcending cultural and societal boundaries, it is a means of communication that brings people together. Some of the oldest anthropological artifacts found at excavation sites are musical instruments. In other words, early on, music making may have been as natural and innate as eating.

We believe deeply in the obligation and power that creative people have to shape the world for the better through their outlook and work. This combined with the statistic that only 17 percent of US public schools require music courses, makes us uniquely suited to support the invaluable mission of funding Music Education.

Music can unleash creative potential and can build imagination and confidence. Ultimately it can help kids feel less isolated, more empathic and humane. At Cords for Music we are essentially optimists, who want to make the world a better place but know that it can’t happen without tools and training. We know that exposure to music education can literally change the world one child at a time.

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Founded in 2013 by Nicholas Coblence, Cords for Music sells high quality, beautifully made products that bring music inspiration into the lives of children through initiatives in public schools and underserved communities. Inspired by Coblence’s international upbringing in Paris and New York and his work at world-renowned luxury brands and arts organizations, the brand is characterized by simplicity and beauty with a dose of downtown cool and philanthropic aspiration.

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