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The Pick Cord - A Tool for Social Good

I started Cords for Music because I wanted to create a social enterprise that would address two key areas, Music and Education. 

Thats when the idea for a guitar pick bracelet. I was playing guitar one day and thought to myself what would a guitar pick look like attached to the wrist? After a little research I noticed that the idea wasn't new but it was inspiring me and I wanted to do it my way.

I started to sketch the idea and out came this drawing (right), a camouflage guitar pick with a cotton adjustable strap. The idea eventually progressed to it being made in metal with a slightly more refined design to make it a more elevated product.

The idea was that it would be a symbol, a reminder of what is important and what I was passionate about, Music and Education.

Based in New York, my first step was to reach out to jewelry industry friends, head up to 47th street and have a sample made. We went though a number of samples and ideas, using an actual pick, making them out of metal, making them smaller, more refined when at long last we came up with the shape we wanted. The evolution of the pick cord (left) was exciting and the reactions I received from people around me were inspiring.

I had come up with something that can work!

And then the final product, The Pick Cord. Believing that Simple Design is the Best Design, the design of the Pick Cord is inspired by the magic of Rock & Roll and the feeling of wonder that every child has when they see a guitar.

Proudly Made in the USA, the Pick Cord uses domestically sourced sterling silver and is manufactured in the Jewelry capital of America, Rhode Island. When looking for manufacturing it was very important to be able to produce in the United States and contribute directly to local economies as well as local communities through music education.

More styles and models of Pick Cords and additional collections will be coming soon to our site but for now Buy Yours and help bring music education to public school curriculums. Ten dollars from every one sold goes to Education Through Music.


Thank you for your support and we hope you like your Pick Cord!




Nicholas Coblence